About My Felt Hats

Handcrafted with 50 percent llama fiber (8 times warmer than sheep’s wool), these hats are not only luxuriously soft, they’re also extremely warm & hard-wearing.

Each begins as a large stocking cap, taking 7+ hours to knit by hand.

Same hat before & after felting in the washing machine... really!

Same hat before & after felting in the washing machine… really!

Good thing I’m an avid handknitter and enjoy knitting in every spare moment:

Carrie Cahill Mulligan knitting between hockey games, Healy, Alaska, February 2003.

Knitting between hockey games – Healy, Alaska, February 2003. (photo by Jon Paynter)

Once knit, I toss them into hot, soapy water and let the washing machine rough them up…

Knitted hats ready for felting in the washing machine.

Due to the heat & agitation, the microscopic scales coating the fibers become irreversibly tangled and the knit fabric transforms into a thick and impervious felt.

After gently rinsing and spinning, I work each by hand, shaping the crown and getting the felt smooth.

The hat air-dries for several days before getting a hand-sewn satin ribbon lining, to keep it from itching, and help maintain its shape over time.

Adding a Ribbon Liner to Felt Hats

Each felt hat gets its own hand-stitched ribbon liner for comfort and protection.

A single hat takes over 9 hours to complete, and will provide years of warm, stylish comfort, on the trail or in town.

Prices range from US$135 – $250, depending on the style.

You can browse current hats for sale in my Etsy shop.

Looking for more? Now you can see me knitting in action while I discuss my hats & share my life story, below:

18 thoughts on “About My Felt Hats

  1. Very cool!!! It would appear you are much the same today as… well a long time ago. I’m going to have to get hats for x-mas and birthday presents.

  2. Hi Carrie,

    so nice to chat with you this morning. Thank you so much for taking the time to orient me a little with the craft scene in this area. I’ll definitely remember to pronounce my town as West LebanUn…! I saw the photo of your mum. Definitely fit the spunky woman that you wrote she was. Again, my condolences for your loss. Will look you up in the Open doors studio tour this year! Take care of yourself, Anne (from Montreal and Newfoundland!!!)

    • Thanks Katie! So nice to hear from you…

      Although I’ve led a class each fall and winter for the past couple years, I’m taking a break from teaching classes this year.

      However, I do still sell hat kits, which you could complete in the comfort of your own home. The cost is US$45 (includes shipping), or $65 for two hats worth of yarn, plus pattern and felting instructions.

      Thanks again for the positive feedback, Katie, and let me know if I can hook you up with a kit sometime…

  3. Hi,
    I would be interested in purchasing a kit from you. Do I have a color selections and how do I go about purchasing a kit?


  4. Hi Carrie,
    I met you today at the Dartmouth gym. I’m the one who lost her card.
    Love your hats! Let me know how I can get one.

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks so much for checking out my hats & the website. I’m delighted that you’re interested in my work!

      The best way to get a hat is to try them on. Currently, I have hats at the League of NH Craftsmen Gallery in North Conway, and also at my home studio in Canaan. Weekends are best.

      Feel free to call or email (603-523-7506 or ccmhats AT gmail DOT com) to be sure I’ll be there (otherwise, I might very well be at the hockey rink!).

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  7. I was just told of your web page by my sister.A year of medical stuff has thinned out my hair considerably.Even though it doesn’t get bitter cold here usually,she knew your hats would be perfect for me this winter.Besides being quite a fiber artist you also have a wonderful eye for color and design.The hats are gorgeous.But now I must pick one and that will be quite a challenge.I will be back to purchase,because I own a lovely orange winter coat that I want to compliment(tone down a little) with the hat.I’d love to be able to try it on by I can’t get around very well any more.And after seeing your work I know you’ll do well by me as I will get measurements and photos of that coat to you.i’ll be back soon.

  8. Hi Carrie, I love my hat! Everyone I meet seems to love it too, and I’ve long been meaning to let you know. Yesterday the bank teller told me she loved my hat; then the next teller came over to say that she had noticed it as well; and later a couple of women in the supermarket check-out line praised my hat. I don’t take it off. It’s the first hat I’ve found that keeps me truly warm, that doesn’t slip or fall off — and that’s so often complimented. Thanks!

  9. Dear Carrie,

    Sent you and email, but wanted my fan mail to appear here too!!

    I have now been enjoying my hat for a couple of weeks! It arrived just in time for standing on Gunstock Mtn. watching my son’s ski lesson! The wind chill was below zero and my head was toasty warm!

    The embroidery is perfect! I have received many compliments and even ran into a woman at Terra Cotta Pasta in Kittery wearing one of your hats…we had “a moment” telling each other what good taste we had!! food and hats! The lady behind the counter tried to tell me I could make a hat like that out of old sweaters….nope, no chance, will leave that to you!!

    I had hoped to make it to the Mkt on Feb 14th to thank you, but my son needed to be several places that day. Will stop by at a future market.

    Nicole C.

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