Holy Hats!

I’ve just started playing with Google’s Picasa web albums and discovered the “collage” command. Here is my first attempt, showcasing hats that sold in 2005:A collage of my Heirloom Handknit Hats sold in 2005.  And in case you’d like a closer look, here’s a photo album showing those same hats sold in 2005, with larger images (thanks for the idea, Larissa!):

Hats Sold 2005

1 thought on “Holy Hats!

  1. LOVE the collage function! Need to try that out myself. Can you create a link to all those pictures, too? Beautiful hats, Carrie. I want to create a link to friends’ websites for their creative businesses (you and Houlihans). Do you mind if I have a link to your hats from our blog? Hope you guys are well! Settling in for the long summer season up here. I dream of vacations too much these days.


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