Big Green Felt Hat for Dean

“This hat is The Bomb! It has totally revolutionized my relationship with winter!”

So said Dean Christian, the Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Dartmouth College when I delivered his custom embroidered felt hat last month.

Dean moved to Hanover from Texas last summer, and quickly became interested in the warm hats I make while checking ids at the Dartmouth gym.

After assuring him that men do wear my hats, and agreeing to attempt a new freehand embroidery design in the form of the Dartmouth “D”, I set to work.

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire, Dean Christian is psyched abouth his toasty new felt hat, with custom Dartmouth embroidery worked freehand by fiber artist, Carrie Cahill Mulligan, of Canaan, New Hampshire.

“I had no idea how cruddy my old hat was, until I put this one on…”

3 thoughts on “Big Green Felt Hat for Dean

  1. That’s awesome, Carrie!!! I am just cracking up looking at that happy face. Just looking at that “D” makes me yearn for the New England days with wool sweaters and scarves and golden and crimson leaves falling all around me. All that from a letter!

    Lots of love from us in Alaska.

    L&J and the dogs


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