Sharon Lee Cahill, Spunky Mom Extraordinaire

My mother was born October 30th, 1937, and just died the 11th of August, 2008.
Sharon Lee Cahill, of Chicago Illinois, circa 1958... before any of us children came along.

It’s been an intense time for me, helping to sort out her little trailer in Folsom, California for the past couple weeks.

One of the best, saddest, happiest, most cathartic tasks has been to go through some family photos.

And this is one of my very favorites… the spunkiness of my mom, before she married, before any of us kids came along…

Stay tuned for more photos of Mom to come…

2 thoughts on “Sharon Lee Cahill, Spunky Mom Extraordinaire

  1. Carrie I was a good friend of your parents
    My name is Chet Gronke ,married to Arlene
    We date back to Chicago when your Dad worked for Kinney
    Your Brother Tim would remember me
    I have tried to locate Sharon for the past several years always hitting a wall
    If you get this please acknowedge it I will send you more input then
    Chet Gronke


    • Hello Chet,

      Wonderful to hear from you. Although I am the baby of the family (10 years younger than Tim), I think I remember stories my Dad would tell of you… Didn’t you also work for Kinney Shoes?

      I’m sorry you missed reconnecting with my Mom. She took it pretty hard after my Dad passed and would have loved to hear from you, I’m sure.

      Please feel free to be in further touch.



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