17 Days of Green – Frozen Fenway

Andy & I started watching Dartmouth Women’s Hockey shortly after moving to the Upper Valley in 2004. We’re season ticket holders, and rarely miss a game at Thompson Arena.

The Big Red of Cornell v. the Big Green of Dartmouth, Thompson Arena, January 5, 2008.

Although their names are not on the back of their jerseys (because “Dartmouth” on the front is the name that matters most), we know every player by sight.

Game-worn jerseys of Dartmouth's Cherie Piper, Katie Weatherston & Gillian Apps.

We know their strengths, we know their regular positions, and we notice when players get paired up into new line combinations.

We are what you’d call Big Green “Super Fans.”

At our happy place, Thompson Arena, February 2012.

Go Big Green!

Nothing says love like homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie!

So when we learned that the Dartmouth Women’s Hockey team would be skating at Frozen Fenway, I knew I had to go.

My ticket to Dartmouth's Frozen Fenway hockey game, January 10, 2012.

Streetside view of Fenway's Big Green Monster.

Scoreboard at the start of the Frozen Fenway Dartmouth v. Providence game.

Dartmouth Hockey Super Fans at Frozen Fenway: Dee, me, Pip & Betty.

Super Fans are super happy about Dartmouth's win at Frozen Fenway! (Photo by Tris Wykes)

It was an exciting, back and forth game, with Dartmouth’s Camille Dumais netting the game-winning goal in the final minute.

Sometimes, it’s Heaven that freezes over.

2 thoughts on “17 Days of Green – Frozen Fenway

  1. I have so many bloggy friends who are SUPER hockey fans. It’s funny, because before I started blogging, I didn’t know anybody who loved hockey and now I know at least 10 other hockey superfans including you! Gotta love the Internet 🙂


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