“Best Cold Weather Hat in the World”

My friend & teammate, Larry Robins is a professional photographer & filmmaker. Last week found him filming wolves in Bozeman, Montana, near Sacajawea Peak.

Cool job, right?

Cool, indeed! Montana in January can be downrightd cold. And snowy. And blowy.

Happily, Larry had treated himself to one of my hats a few years ago & had it along:

Blowing snow and ice caked on the outside of Larry Robins' CCM felt hat in Bozeman, Montana.

Whoa. That’s a lot of snow!

After a blustery day of shooting, he kindly emailed these photos with the note:

“Heavy snow protection with the Best Cold Weather Hat in the World! Here’s the weather we were facing…”

Blowing snow ruffles the windscreens protecting the cameras during a film shoot near Bozeman, Montana.

Yikes! Montana in January

I miss hockey but I love my CCM hat!”

Larry Robins in the "Best Cold Weather Hat in the World"

Larry Robins sporting the “Best Cold Weather Hat in the World”


Thank you, Larry, for putting my hat to the test and letting me know the results!

Anyone else putting their CCM felt hat to the test this winter? I’d love to hear from you… Leave a comment below or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.



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