Styles & Prices

Brim Edge Stripes – $150
Single Button Flower Embroidery – $175
Dragonfly Embroidery – $175
3 Flowers Embroidery – $205
3 Snowflakes Embroidery – $205
12 Mini-Flowers Embroidery – $205
French Knot Mandala Embroidery – $205
3 Flower Vine Embroidery – $275
Leaf & Vine Embroidery – $275
Spiral Vine Embroidery – $275
5 Flower Vine Embroidery – $275

A note on sizing:  While each of my Heirloom Handknit Hats is one of a kind, it’s possible to estimate what size might fit you best.

First, use a tape measure to get your head circumference, being careful to go over both ears, across the forehead and down over the knobby part at the back of your head.

Now add for ease:  1/2 inch if you want it to fit snugly (for active use), an inch for average fit, or 1 1/2 inches if you prefer a rather loose fit.

This should give you a good starting number if you want to contact me about your next hat.

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