17 Days of Green – My Big Green Day Job

I am a full-time fiber artist. I have a day job.

For me, these two are not mutually exclusive. The trick is finding just the right match.

I found my perfect day job at Dartmouth College, home of the Big Green.

My Dartmouth Athletics all-access credentials.

I work in Athletics, doing various jobs, mostly in Alumni Gym – checking id cards, giving directions, selling hockey merchandise – plus other odd jobs, as assigned.

Luckily, knitting is an ingrained motor skill for me now, like walking or breathing. So I can knit on the job, without impacting customer service.

Sometimes, I do both jobs while kneeling on a physio-ball, just to keep it interesting:

Kneeling on an exercise ball is a great workout. My best is 18.5 minutes without falling.

I love the Dartmouth campus. As a former West Coast kid, I never tire of the federal-style buildings, the stately old elm trees, the paneled-wood libraries:

Arborists work magic to keep Dartmouth's stately elm trees alive.

Dartmouth's Sanborn Library & the Baker Library Tower.

Inside Dartmouth's Sanborn Library - the classiest free wi-fi in all of New Hampshire.

I love the copper verdigris of the Lone Pine weathervane atop Baker Library Tower.

And Dartmouth has tons of great traditions, like the Homecoming Bonfire, and Winter Carnival (to name just two):

The Dartmouth Night Bonfire is always spectacular.

Cupcake snow-sculpture on the Dartmouth Green, Winter Carnival 2012.

But I’ve especially enjoyed the “other duties as assigned.”

In October 2010, Ke$ha held a concert in Leverone Fieldhouse. I helped with crowd control, limiting backstage access.

Kesha rocked Dartmouth's Leverone Fieldhouse, 26 October 2010.

At one point, Ke$ha’s manager handed me a $20 bill, instructing me to “Bring back as much baby oil as you can buy, and hurry!”

Turns out, baby oil helps body glitter stick better. Who knew?

Backstage, with one of Kesha's many wardrobe containers. Note the glittered green turf!

In May 2011, I was delighted to give Guy Kawasaki & family a tour of our athletic facilities. Let me tell you, Guy is the very embodiment of enchanting.

Guy's tour of Dartmouth concluded with a visit to Memorial Field.

What a treat! And all thanks to my Big Green day job – which can also be very
silly at times (depending on my co-workers!).

And that does seem fitting, since Theodore Seuss Geisel was a Dartmouth man himself. He would have been 108 today. Happy, happy birthday Dr. Seuss!

Back to School: Blog Triage Class Begins!

On Monday, I head back to my day job, checking id’s at Dartmouth’s Alumni Gym.

Checking id's at Dartmouth's Alumni Gym while Embroidering Hats

Checking id's at Dartmouth's Alumni Gym while Embroidering Hats

I love my job! Not only do I get to enjoy all the energy of a vibrant, Ivy League campus, but I get to make my warm, felt hats at the same time.

And for the next 4 weeks, I’ll be part of the online Blog Triage Class led by art business guru, Alyson Stanfield and creativity coach, Cynthia Morris.

My first assignment: determine who reads this blog.

I hope that this site is useful for my friends, family and hat collectors, who want to know more about my hats, how they are made, and what inspires me.

I also imagine that other fiber artists stop by on their search for embroidery inspiration and tips.

And I hope that the occasional hockey nut (who gets here looking for CCM brand hockey gear) is amused at the intersection of my passions for fiber art and hockey.

Knitting hats between hockey games, Healy, Alaska, 2003.

Knitting hats between hockey games, Healy, Alaska, 2003.

Am I close? Who are you, really, Gentle Reader?

Feel free to introduce yourself by leaving a comment. I’d love to get to know you better!

Spring Fever vs. Hockey Fever

Spring crocus flowers bloom in the garden of fiber artist, Carrie Cahill Mulligan, in Canaan, New Hampshire.

Well, after the second snowiest winter in New Hampshire history, spring seems finally to have sprung in Canaan, as evidenced by the lovely crocuses in front of our house.

You’d think I’d be over the moon, as nearly everyone here is, ready for all the fun of warmer weather.

The truth is, I am entirely torn. Because warmer weather brings the end of hockey season for me, and this winter I have played the best hockey of my life.

Fiber artist, Carrie Cahill Mulligan, of Canaan, New Hampshire, skates after the puck at Thompson Arena, during the intramural women's hockey championship game this winter at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, NH.

That’s me in the yellow helmet, playing in the women’s intramural hockey championship match at Dartmouth’s Thompson Arena last month…

And there I am, moments later, just after scoring a goal (something quite unusual for me, as I generally play defense…)!

Despite being born in Canada, I didn’t learn to play hockey until I turned 30 and was living in Healy, Alaska.

So I reckon I am making up for lost time… I have 5 hockey games in the next 5 days, and then the ice goes away for the summer.

If I seem a bit down, despite the sunny weather, you’ll know that hockey fever just won’t let me be…
Fiber artist, Carrie Cahill Mulligan, of Canaan, New Hampshire, celebrates after scoring a goal at Thompson Arena, during the intermural women's hockey championship game this winter at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, NH.