NH Open Doors 2013

After weeks of unseasonably warm temperatures, the weather over the past weekend finally turned towards autumn just in time for the statewide 2013 NH Open Doors event.

Felt hat maker, Carrie Cahill Mulligan's house in Canaan, New Hampshire, ready for the 2013 NH Open Doors event.

Custom felt hats available at 693 Canaan Street, Canaan, NH 03741.

This year, I had a real mix of visitors: friends, neighbors (a few whom I’d never met!), some in-state folks finally cashing in a holiday gift certificate, and several intrepid travelers from out-of-state, too.

I love having people over to my hat studio. There’s something wonderful about sharing where my hats are made. And folks love seeing all the different types & colors of yarn in their natural setting.

Thanks so much to everyone who managed a visit. If you couldn’t make it this past weekend, you can always contact me to arrange your own personal road trip to Canaan.

My 1st Television Interview Redux

In 2009, I was interviewed for the Concord Arts Telefest. For about a month afterwards, Concord TV posted the clip on their website, but eventually it went away.

Thanks to the very nice folks at Concord TV, I recently received a DVD of my interview in the mail, which I’m delighted to share with you again:

Have you ever been on TV? Were you nervous?

CCM Felt Hats… Now with 100% More Archives!

For your reading pleasure, I’ve added an Archives page to this site. Just click on the tab above to check out all my posts in one handy spot.

I’m so tickled with this new-to-me feature! And it was simple to set up. If you have a WordPress.com site, you can learn how to set up an Archives page quickly for yourself.

Thank you WordPress.com. You rock!