17 Days of Green – My Hat Studio

When Andy & I first married, we lived in a 16’x18′ log cabin in Alaska, with no running water, no electricity, 2 miles from the plowed road in winter.

Our little log cabin home on Dry Creek, near Healy, Alaska.

It was rustic and cozy, and we loved it.

But there wasn’t much room for company, let alone space for my many fiber projects.

Family & friends visited for our wedding in 2001, but stayed in other cabins.

When we moved into our 1840’s home in New Hampshire, our living space increased ten-fold, and I was able to dedicate an ENTIRE ROOM to my fiber pursuits.

Talk about Heaven!

Green trim on the doors & windows of my felt hat studio in Canaan, New Hampshire.

Embroidered felt hats cover the north wall of my home studio.

Jungle green felt hats air-drying on wool blankets.

Embroidery yarns line the eastern wall of my felt hat studio.

I store my sewing threads in an antique sewing table drawer.

Did you know you can turn old bathroom tiles into dry erase boards?

Wine corks & bathroom tiles recycled into an office memo-center.

The back-side of my office desk, before adding dry erase tiles.

First tile up!

Dry-erase desk project completed.

My studio shrine: hand-blown glasses by Jordana Korsen, polymer horse sculpture by Luann Udell & wood-fired pottery by Becca Van Fleet Webb surround a photo of our Alaskan wedding.

Having space enough for a home fiber studio is something I’m thankful for every day.

5 thoughts on “17 Days of Green – My Hat Studio

  1. I’m drooling over that awesome trim in your studio. I love the color!
    And NO I didn’t know you could make dry-erase boards out of tile, that’s AWESOME!
    I love little work spaces to which we are able to add so many personal touches. It always says so much about the person who works there. Love it.


    • Isn’t the trim amazing? I grew up in a 1970’s ranch-style house in Northern California. This antebellum house just blows my mind sometimes… built before California was even a state!

      The green paint was there when we moved in, but I love it. The green rug was the 1st new thing we bought for the house.

      I’m so lucky to have the space for my hat business!


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