ArtWorks 2013: Dartmouth’s Creative Employees in the Year of the Arts

I love my day job at Dartmouth College. I love the energy and enthusiasm that permeates the campus. This year, in celebration of the Hopkins Center’s 50th anniversary, Dartmouth declared a Year of the Arts.

The ArtWorks banner hangs above the Hopkins Center entrance, celebrating the creative & artistic talents of over 70 Dartmouth College Employees in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Banners celebrating ArtWorks and 50 Years adorn the front of the Hopkins Center.

ArtWorks 2013 celebrates the creative & artistic talents of over 70 Dartmouth employees, the largest number yet. Each employee can submit up to 4 pieces.

I chose hats in white & pastels, which suit the transition from snow to Spring for me:

One of my 4 entries into the 2013 Artworks Exhibit at Dartmouth College: 2012 Hat #44--Frosty Paw of caribou antler buttons

2012 Hat #44: Paw Print of hand-cut caribou antler buttons and tiny metal seed beads.

One of my 4 entries into the 2013 Artworks Exhibit at Dartmouth College: 2012 Hat #18--Pink Dragonfly with semi-precious gems

2012 Hat #18: Pink Dragonfly, with jasper beads and hand-cut caribou antler button.

One of my 4 entries into the 2013 Artworks Exhibit at Dartmouth College: 2012 #38 -- Lapis Dragonfly

2012 Hat #44: Dragonfly with lapis lazuli and agate beads.

One of my 4 entries into the 2013 Artworks Exhibit at Dartmouth College: 2011 Hat #88--Pink Mandala of French Knots

2011 Hat #88: Pink Mandala of French Knots… yummmy!

All four of these hats are available for sale… Let me know if you’re ready to treat yourself!

(Well, that was sure fun!) And the Winner is…

Kathy Tefft, of the Dartmouth Athletics Department!  Tomorrow, you will receive a glossy set of 4 hat notecards, each with a different, freehand embroidery design.Detail of snowflakes, an original freehand embroidery design on Carrie Cahill Mulligan's art-to-wear llama and wool, knitted felt hat, 2005.  Thanks to everyone for dropping by my ArtWorks Virtual Reception… It was the busiest couple of days yet, here on this fledgling site.  I appreciate all the kind comments!Didn’t win?  Fear not!  This virtual reception was so fun, I intend to hold another next month for the 3rd Annual League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Open Studio Tour.  Check back for details in the coming weeks…

ArtWorks: Exhibit, Virtual Reception and Free Notecards

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The 2nd annual ArtWorks, a multi-media exhibit by Dartmouth College employees, takes place today, October 17, 2007 at Alumni Hall and Top of the Hop, in Hanover, New Hampshire

Today, Wednesday, October 17, from 11 am to 6 pm, ArtWorks, the Dartmouth College employee arts festival, will be held in Alumni Hall and the Top of the Hop.  The event is open to the public and will feature exhibits and performances by more than fifty faculty and staff.

Experience the many talents of Dartmouth‘s employees as we present a wide variety of visual arts, music, video, poetry readings, comedy, and much more throughout the day.  Detailed information, including the exhibit layout, performance schedule, and list of contributing artists, can be found on the ArtWorks web site.

Since I have to work at the Dartmouth Alumni Gym front desk for most of exhibit, I thought I would borrow a page from Brenda Marks‘ blog and host a virtual reception myself.  (Thanks for the great idea, Brenda, and to Alyson B. Stanfield for sharing it on her helpful Art Biz Blog.)Heirloom handknit llama and wool felt hat with freehand embroidery (#58 of 2007) by Carrie Cahill Mulligan was on exhibit today at Dartmouth College's ArtWorks, in Hanover, New Hampshire.

So here’s the scoop: You have until the end of this weekend (Sunday, October 21, 2007, at midnight), to leave a comment on this post.On Monday morning, I will toss all names into a (luxuriously warm, elegantly stylish yet hard-wearing, llama and wool, handknit felt) hat, and pick out a winner!

The lucky commenter will receive a set of 4 glossy hat notecards, each with a different freehand embroidery design.

So don’t be shy… leave a comment,  and enter yourself to win.  Good luck, hat lovers!