Adult Learn-to-Play Hockey: A Beginner’s Perpective

Reading my interviews with longtime teammates, Ceci & Rick, you could get the (false) impression that the Campion Learn-to-Play Hockey program is packed with folks who’ve been skating already for years.

So, for a beginner’s perspective, meet one of our newest players, John Storck. A naturally athletic guy, John has coached sailing at Dartmouth since 2005, but only started playing ice hockey last winter:

Coach Dodds explains a drill to Learn-to-Play adults at Campion Rink, Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Coach Dodds explains a drill to Learn-to-Play adults at Campion Rink.

CCM: What do you love about playing hockey?

John: “Hockey combines so many aspects of other sports. It has fluidity in teamwork like soccer, lacrosse and basketball. It has physical play like football and rugby. And it provides the weightless gliding sensation found in sports like skiing and surfing. I guess I love everything about playing hockey….even back-checking!”

CCM: What do you love about the Campion Learn-to-Play program with Coach Dodds?

John: “The atmosphere. At any given session, there is a range in age of over twenty years. However, everyone is playing the game with the same attitude of a ten year old. Coach Dodds really nurtures that atmosphere well with his enthusiasm. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of.”

CCM: What would you say to someone considering starting hockey later in life?

John: “DO IT! Even if you don’t end up falling in love with the sport, there is even less of a chance that you’ll have a bad time.”

Playing hockey in my favorite red jersey from the Dick Dodds Hockey Academy for  Adults at Campion Rink , near Hanover, New Hampshire.

***The next Learn-to-Skate, Learn-to-Play and Intermediate Hockey sessions at Campion Rink run from January 3 to March 28, 2013. Find out more and sign up online!