Rhubarb – North Country Harbinger of Spring

Early spring is ugly here in New England. My garden looks forlorn, lonely, bedraggled.

Dreary Garden in Early Spring

After a strange, non-winter, what little snow we had has melted, leaving Mud Season in it's place.

But, look closer and you see it: the 1st rhubarb stalks emerging from the cold, wet ground.

NH Rhubarb Patch in March

Amidst the mud & debris, it's easy to miss the small red & green of signs of Spring returning.

Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable that we treat like a fruit. It’s the exact opposite of tomato, an annual fruit we treat like a vegetable.

Rhubarb Bud Emerging

Emerging rhubarb signals the start of Spring in New Hampshire.

The beauty of perennials is that they return on their own, without much work on your part.

Rhubarb Budding Out

Rhubarb's giant green leaves burst forth from reddish buds.

Our old-growth rhubarb patch returns early each Spring with great zest & vigor.

Emerging Rhubarb Leaves

Rhubarb leaves burst forth with an infectious joy for living.

Another benefit of looking closely?

Volunteer Pansy

What I thought were weeds in my raised garden beds turned out to be volunteer pansies.

These cheerful annual pansies self-seeded & volunteered to brighten up my muddy garden, all on their own.

Despite the dreary mud, it’s hard not to feel hopeful & glad.

Happy, happy Spring, everyone!

Spring Blossoms Felt Hat Now Online at NHPTV’s Virtual Auction

Spring Blossoms, my 2009 felt hat donation for NHPTV's Virtual Online Auction.

Spring Blossoms, my 2009 felt hat donation for NHPTV's Virtual Online Auction.

It’s that time of year again…

Spring has sprung in New Hampshire, so it must be time for NH Public Television’s ever-popular Auction.

Once again, I am delighted that my donated felt hat has been chosen to be part of the Virtual Gallery!

Online preview bids on my Spring Blossoms Hat are being accepted during the early online auction, from now until noon on Tuesday, May 5th.

The highest preview bid will then be posted as the original felt hat is auctioned live on NHPTV, Wednesday, May 6th, from 6:00 p.m. – midnight, during Gallery Night.

This is a great chance to get yourself a one-of-a-kind, art-to-wear felt hat, and support Public Television at the same time, so visit the Virtual Gallery and place your bid today!