17 Days of Green – Long Wind Tomato Farm

Before I landed my current day job at Dartmouth, I worked as a plant-worker tending organic tomato plants Long Wind Farm, in East Thetford, Vermont.

Baby tomato plants at Long Wind Farm.

Phoebe hangs support strings for baby tomato plants in one of the smaller greenhouses.

Plastic jobu clips attach to strings which support tomato vines as they grow.

Long Wind organic tomatoes grow in rich, organic soil built right on the farm. Growing tomatoes in real soil is more work than growing hydroponically.

But, it’s worth it. You can taste the difference.

Organic tomatoes ripening on the vine.

Tomato-picking cart rides rails which also radiate heat for the greenhouse.

Full boxes of fresh-picked organic tomatoes.

You can find Long Wind tomatoes at stores & restaurants throughout New England.

Long Wind tomatoes are picked ripe... you can taste the difference.

And if you visit the Farm, you can get these beautiful tomatoes at a discount!

Try to imagine the heavenly scent working in a greenhouse full of giant tomato vines!

Once you’re there, check out the Tai Chi studio above the greenhouse.

Long Wind Farm: good for the body, good for the soul!