New in Buzz: CCM Felt Hat Fan Club

I wanted a place to show off the very fun photos of happy hat customers that I have been able to collect recently…Happy Heirloom Handknit Hat owner, Lisha, at the 74th Annual League of New Hampshire Craftsmen's Fair at Mt. Sunapee Resort.  And now I have one!  Thanks to some gentle encouragement, I have created a little fan club corner of this site. It is located on the Buzz page, along with my Scrapbook of press clips and tidbits.I intend to add photos in the coming months, as I receive more. Want to submit a snapshot of yourself/someone you love wearing one of my felt hats? Have a CCM Hat testimonial to share? Please leave a comment, or feel free to contact me.  There is nothing better than seeing the work of my hands grace someone else’s head (thanks, Lisha!).

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