CCM Felt Hats Notecard Giveaway

While cleaning my studio this Spring, I found a stash of notecards featuring some of my freehand embroidery on felt:

Set of 4 glossy notecards featuring macro images of the free hand crewel embroidery of New Hampshire fiber artist, Carrie Cahill Mulligan.

Notecards measure 4″ x 5.5″ and come with matching envelopes 🙂

They’re nice cards, on heavy, glossy paper. I was surprised to realize they’re a decade old, and that I’d been saving them… For what?  What good are they to anyone buried in my desk.

(“Spend out!” I could hear Gretchen Rubin whispering in my ear…)

“I should give these away to CCM Felt Hat fans and supporters!” I immediately thought. So here we are…!

5 Ways To Enter this CCM Hats Notecard Giveaway:

1. Leave a comment below or on any post here on

2. Visit the CCMHats Facebook Page and leave a comment

3. Share/mention any post from the CCMHats Facebook Page

4. Mention/retweet any @CCMFeltHats post on Twitter

5. Leave a comment on any @CCMHats photo on Instagram

Enter as many times as you like in the next week, until 11:59pm Thursday, July 28th (contest ends at midnight).

All entries will be tossed into a hat (<—see what I did there?) with the winner chosen at random. I’ll post the results by 8pm next Friday, July 29th.

My business lives and grows by the generous word-of-mouth referrals from enthusiastic customers and friends. Thank so much for your support!

City Hat, Country Hat: Priscilla’s Embroidered Felt Hat in NYC

I got the following note & photo from Priscilla, a fellow Campion rinkrat (though she’s a figure skater, not a crazy hockey player like me):

"I visited my daughter in NYC over the holidays, and here I am in Times Square, feeling very stylish and snug in your wonderful hat (-: " - Priscilla

“I visited my daughter in NYC over the holidays. Here I am in Times Square, feeling very stylish and snug.”

“With yet another snowstorm on the way, I’m so grateful to have your wonderful hat to keep me warm. I love the vine embroidery, which fits in everywhere from Times Square to the back roads of New Hampshire.

Freehand Leaf & Vine embroidery adorns Priscilla's new felt hat.

Freehand Leaf & Vine embroidery adorns Priscilla’s new felt hat.

It’s just a beautiful work of art, and hands down the best present I ever gave myself!

Hope you’re enjoying the snow! (-:


Thank you, Priscilla! I’m such a Country Mouse myself, its especially fun to see someone rocking one of my felt hats in an urban environment.

(Makes me wonder, though, just how many of my hats live in the city after all…?)

A Warm Felt Hat for a Cold, Snowy Winter

Do you remember my LNHC colleague, glass artist, Wendy Besett?

She recently posted this lovely photo to my Heirloom Handknit Hats Facebook page with the following note:

Vermont glass artist, Wendy Besett, caught wearing her favorite winter hat, a Carrie Cahill Mulligan original hand-knitted felt, with freehand spiral embroidery/

Vermont glass artist, Wendy Besett, caught wearing her favorite winter hat.

“More than a foot of white, powdery love today. Snowy and blowy, but my head didn’t mind it a bit! Thanks Carrie!”

Thank you, Wendy. You sure wear it well!

Anyone else out there braving the Winter of Endless Snow comfortably in a CCM knitted felt hat? I’d love to hear from you…