The Story of My New Dragonfly Embroidery – In Katie’s Words

“For 3 years, I eyeballed Carrie’s hats at the Artisans Craft Fair at Mount Sunapee. Not only are they beautiful pieces of art, they are solidly constructed with the finest quality materials.

Every time I talked to Carrie, she seemed to remember me (whether she did or not I am unsure, but she certainly gave me that feeling!). Every year, I would ask if she had any hats with dragonflies on them, but she never did.

Finally, in December of 2010, I was able to purchase a hat – beautiful chartreuse green with a chocolate brown brim and a beautiful off-set single flower with a deer antler button in the center of it:

Katie's 1st Felt Hat: #90 of 2010, with freehand embroidery & antler button embellishment.

It is so beautiful, complete strangers pull me aside to tell me how amazing my hat is. I always give a shout out to Carrie.


There is no type of weather I haven’t tested this felt hat in and it has NEVER failed me! Once during a below zero nor’easter, I was snow-blowing and the wind was blowing every which way, almost suffocating me. Never once was my head jeopardized from the harsh winter weather – in fact, it was overheating and dry!

In the summer of 2011, Carrie told me that she was thinking about doing a dragonfly hat and wanted me to have the very first one. I just received hat #2 of 2012 with her first-ever dragonfly. She exceeded my expectations (which were high, might I add!) and I couldn’t believe the detail:

My 1st-ever dragonfly embroidery, with turquoise & jade beads.

I couldn’t be happier about my 2nd Carrie Cahill Mulligan Heirloom Felt Hat! I’m excited to see how many people stop to tell me how cool my dragonfly is! More shout outs to Carrie for certain!”

Katie F. of Springfield, New Hampshire

Katie rocks her new Dragonfly hat.

3 thoughts on “The Story of My New Dragonfly Embroidery – In Katie’s Words

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