17 Days of Green – From My House to Yours

Our House, February 2008.

When I first started this website 5 years ago, my goal wasn’t “blogging” – I was just “updating my site” with hat photos & my latest news.

Knitting, felting & embroidering hats is slow work and occupies most of my creative time. The website has always come second. And I’m okay with that.

Pine trees & the evergreen wreath on our old barn provide a spot of mid-winter color.

But, I’ve been tempted…

Over at Stop, Drop & Blog, FireMom has created a meme celebrating all things green in honor of March, impending Spring & St. Paddy’s Day (plus, she digs the color green).

I love the idea! Creating 17 posts is just half as daunting as a writing a whole month’s-worth. And, the focus is narrow enough to provide structure, but broad enough to include all sorts of green stuff:

Homemade faux-berry wreath on our green front door.

I’m IN.

So, sit back, relax and join me for 17 Days of Green.

My Sweet Man, Andy, relaxing on our green front porch.

(And if you’re tempted to go green yourself, don’t forget to tag your posts with “17 Days of Green”. I’d love to see what green means to you!)

6 thoughts on “17 Days of Green – From My House to Yours

  1. I adore your green front door. I have a Pinterest set of green doors. I don’t know for certain if green works on the house we hope to close on this month, but it’s in the back of my mind!


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