17 Days of Green – Up, Up Green Hornets!

For the past 2 winters, I’ve played ice hockey in the CHL (Campion Hockey League) with the Green Hornets.

Skating with the Hornets has been a highlight of my past 2 winters. (That's me^^^ kicking the puck.)

Tonight is the last game of our season. We lost our semi-final match in overtime last week, so we’re out of contention for the championship. Tonight’s game is just for fun.

It’s a real league, with referees, stats & standings. Sometimes, there’s even music between puck drops. Some folks take it quite seriously. But for me, hockey is pure fun.

Win or lose, playing hockey makes me happy. (Photo by Elise Lockton - after a 7-4 loss)

Still, it’s always particularly fun to win. Wish me luck!

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