In the midst of scary times for us, I am so grateful for the support of friends and strangers. Thank you, Patti, for helping spread the word! (In one hour, Andy will undergo surgery to attach a thin, metal plate onto his very pokey-outy clavicle. Please send happy, healing thoughts!)

Knitting In Flashes

Remember a few weeks ago when I finished my Carrie Cahill-Mulligan hat?

Well, I finally decided what I was going to do with the brim.

Paisley.  I love paisley and found some generic paisley shapes to use as my inspiration.  My plan is to embroider eight paisley designs around the entire brim but I’m going to start at the front and work my way around from side to side so I don’t have to have it completely finished before wearing it.

Yes, I know it’s April and we’ve had some unseasonably warm weather of late (90 degrees yesterday!!) but I don’t want to wait until next fall before I return to find it still naked of all embellishment.

I love this hat.

And you can have your very own!

It’s easy.

Go to Carrie’s website and:

  1. Order a kit.  Or two.  Or three.  You get to select the colors of yarn you want.
  2. Buy a…

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    • Thank you, Patti! 😀

      Andy’s out of surgery now and on to post-op. The doctor said it went well, although the bone was in about 4 pieces… I can’t believe this man was still trying to take out the trash & wash dishes in his state.

      Here’s hoping he can sit still long enough to recover…


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