Of Bike Wrecks and Gift Certificates

Last Thursday, my Hubba Hubby crashed his bicycle in a serious wreck. He broke his wrist and his collar bone in two three places.

But not his skull. Nor his neck. And for that, we’re very, very thankful.

He’ll be sidelined from his cabinetmaker job for 4-8 weeks 2-3 months 5-6 months, which is going to be difficult for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that Andy’s not a very patient patient.

Luckily, we don’t see a lot of movies in general, so he’s got a long list of DVDs to rent.

Andy's final project at the Silva Bay Shipyard School, a cherry wood Shaker-style cabinet.

Andy’s final project at the Silva Bay Shipyard School: a cherry Shaker-style cabinet.

I’m sharing this with you now because I could really use your help.

If you’ve ever wanted to purchase one of my felt hats, but were waiting for the right moment, I couldn’t imagine a better time than now.

Andy carefully applies real leaves to the form for our concrete counter top.

Andy carefully applies real leaves to the form he built for our concrete counter top.

I’m still building up inventory in advance of my big crafts fair in August, but maybe you’d consider purchasing a gift certificate for yourself or someone you love?

Or maybe you got a tax refund this year and maybe it’s a hat kit you’d like?

Whatever the case, just know that your purchase now will make a world of difference to me and my Sweet Man.

Andy is happy with the installation of his 1st-ever concrete counter top.

Andy, happy to have his cherry cabinets topped with the concrete counter top he made.

And if you have any movie recommendations, we’d be grateful for those, too…

14 thoughts on “Of Bike Wrecks and Gift Certificates

  1. Wow, I feel the pain having been hit head on by a drunk driver while a passenger on a bike 6 years ago. Recovery takes time – sorry for the loss of work and wages but he is still here to heal! Love, love you hats – and the way you displayed them on the peg board….are they sitting on hooks?


    • Oh, yikes, Ginger! How terrifying. I trust you made a full recovery? How did you spend your convalescing time, any tips?

      Yes, the more time I have to think about it, the more it occurs to me how very lucky we are that Andy’s injuries weren’t worse. He went off the bike trail just before a bridge, so the embankment dropped down 10-15 feet there. He could have been paralyzed or killed, truly.

      Yes, my home studio has pegboard with hooks, which is efficient but not glamorous. My hat booth is a touch classier, with cherry hat stands (made by Andy) and antique wall racks, plus some tree branches for good measure!

      Thanks so much for the kudos on my hats. Please spread the word if you know of anyone at all who might like to treat themselves! I’d surely appreciated it. 😀


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  3. So sorry to hear about your hubby. I’m very curious about that counter top!

    Lately we’ve been enjoying the older Hitchcock movies: Rear Window, Vertigo, Rebecca, Notorious, and others. Suspense filled but refreshing that a movie doesn’t have to have sex, filthy language, blood, guts, and gore to be good.

    Is he able to hold a book to read?


    • Thank you, Patti. So scary, but could have been life-ending or permanently life-altering. Hopefully it’s just 6-8 weeks recovery. We’ll learn more tomorrow.

      Ooh, you know, I’m guessing Andy hasn’t seen much Hitchcock (I’ve only seen Rear Window & Vertigo). Thanks for the suggestion!

      Yes, he can hold a book with his right/good arm (he’s right-handed, so we’re extra lucky it was his left side that was injured). He’s in the middle of a book about Labrador, but he left it at work the day of his accident. We’ll pick it up after the doctor’s appointment tomorrow….

      I saw on your blog you just devoured “The Hunger Games”… a real page-turner like that would be ideal. His pain meds leave him a little fuzzy right now…

      And thanks so much for spreading the word, Patti. That means so much, truly.


  4. Carrie,
    I have so enjoyed your blog-and have pinned it to Pininterest- that I want to commit to acquiring one of your hats. I can’t decide who is getting the hat, one of my two daughters or daughter-in-law [or me?]. So the gift certificate will solve that dilemna for now. How do I go about that?
    Thank you, Carol Bergeron


    • Thank you, Carol. So much!

      If you like, check out my hat styles page to see what sort of design you might like, and the corresponding prices.

      If you like, you can get a gift certificate for a basic/plain hat now, and pay for any embroidery upgrades later when you decide who receives the hat.

      I’ve got 60+ hats ready for embroidery in my home studio now, and hope to have another 60 ready by the time the Sunapee Fair rolls around. Since you live close by, you could visit any time you like to find the right fit & colors, etc.

      You can drop a check in the mail (or by the house), or I can send you a PayPal invoice, or you can pay by credit card – whatever works best for you, just let me know.

      Thank you, Carol. It means a lot to us.

      ps–Thanks also for the Pinterest support! I’ll have to look you up there… 😀


  5. Oh my gosh I am so sorry this has happened! I’m glad for you that it wasn’t worse, but sheesh. I’m going to spread the word about your wonderful hats and hopefully bring some much deserved business your way! I also owe you $12 for the wonderful books! If you have paypal I can do that right away. Best thoughts to you and your hubby!


    • Thanks so much, Somer! We are so lucky it wasn’t worse, and that there is a way to fix it (surgery to insert a metal plate to his very pokey-outy clavicle is at 11am tomorrow).

      I’m so psyched you like those books, and that you’ll give them a loving home… yay! Yes, I do PayPal with my ccmhats AT gmail Dot com address, thank you.

      And thanks, too, for any referrals you might make to this post. I do sell kits, and individual skeins of yarn, if you know knitters who might want to try out felting for themselves…

      I really, really appreciate it!


  6. I am so sorry about your husband. I want to buy a hat from you and have been planning on it but my cash flow is a but short right now 😦

    I love the embroidery on the French Knot Mandela hats. I think the knot would also be so pretty as a pin to put on my peacoat or scarf.

    Sending healing thoughts and positive energy his way!


    • Thanks so much, Amanda! I really appreciate it.

      Andy is going in for surgery to attach a metal plate onto his very broken collarbone today. The new recovery timeline is 2-3 months, so there’s a larger window of opportunity to help!

      The French Knot Mandala is super tactile, too, so it’s one of my favorite designs to stitch. It’s very calming to me. I should try to figure out how to work it on a pin – that’s a great idea.

      Thanks so much for the healing thoughts & positive energy… they are much appreciated!


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