Cast Off & Back to Boot Camp

If you don’t follow my felt hats on Facebook, you likely missed some good news last week:  my dreaded wrist cast is a thing of the past and I’ve been cleared for hockey boot camp (with a brace) – Hooray! Hooray!

Carrie Cahill Mulligan retakes the ice at hockey boot camp just 3 days after removing her short-arm cast.

Practicing hockey stops & starts at Campion Rink’s Boot Camp 2012.

The friendly resident at DHMC offered me the removed cast as a souvenier, but I was happy to see that veritable thumb-prison go — I only wore it for 3 weeks, but that’s still a long time to be without the opposable thumb on one’s dominant hand.  

Besides, my plain purple short-arm cast wasn’t near as snazzy as some of the ones at Dartmouth-Hitchcock:

A glittery blue dragon with orange wings against a bright yellow fiberglass foot cast.

Love the glitter on this dragon foot cast!

Intricate Harley-Davidson artwork "tattoo" on an orange fiberglass full-leg cast.

How about a faux-tattoo full-leg cast for the Harley fans out there?

Wicked-sick full-leg cast of yellow and black fiberglass, imitating a Bruins ice hockey sock.

Wicked Killah: full-leg cast of black & yellow fiberglass, a Bruins hockey sock replica!

Have you ever worn a cast? Did you decorate it or leave it plain?

2 thoughts on “Cast Off & Back to Boot Camp

  1. Oh my goodness! I don’t check in in a long while and come back to find cast chaos in your lives!! Glad to see that they’re all off and you guys are probably back to normal. And that AK husky is sooooo cute! I want one, I want one, I miss them so much. We’ve replaced one with a baby boy, which is comparable to train, I think, but not as easy for scooping poop. Anywho, you reminded me of my own wrist break crossing the Thoroughfare River in 2007. The Motskos wrapped me up back at HQ and did a stellar job as it was a day or two before I got to Fairbanks. Only ever needed a brace, tho. I had the same break as you did, Carrie. Thank goodness for no displacement!! What a wreck it would be, otherwise. Hope all is well! Come visit us in Santa Fe, Chuck and Karen are four hours away. Take care, Laris.


    • What?! You’re a Mama? Congratulations, Larissa!! (I’ve just checked back in on your blog and he’s adorable, naturally.)

      Santa Fe? So awesome. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for the two CCM felt hats I know live there already.

      Oh, man. I forgot about your mushing accident. Bless those Motskos!

      Yes, having a Denali Park husky brings back so many happy memories… Cinder was having grand mal seizures from 9 months old, so he needed a husky-friendly home, and Carmen picked us. He’s the best (notwithstanding our bike-joking mishaps & broken bones. Heh.).


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