Adult Beginner Hockey: Just Do It!

“Do not wait until conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes conditions perfect.” ~Alan Cohen

In case I haven't yet convinced you to take up hockey, I’ve got one more testimonial (below) from my Learn-to-Play classmate, George Lightbody, who started playing hockey at Campion Rink about 5 years ago:

Coach Dick Dodds shares his enthusiasm for hockey with Campion's Learn-to-Play group  near Hanover, NH.

Coach Dick Dodds shares his enthusiasm for hockey with Campion’s Adult Learn-to-Play group.

CCM: What do you love about the Campion Learn-to-Play program with Coach Dodds?

George: “I’m not gifted enough to be able to fully capture Coach Dodds. But I find that he somehow manages to merge talent and humor and drive and compassion together. And to deliver all of those to skaters of all age groups, genders, sizes, and abilities.”

I have never heard anything but respect for him from everyone. Probably because he seems to find ways to respect each and every one of us too.

CCM: What would you say to someone considering starting hockey later in life?

George: “I’d just say ‘start’. Adult-onset hockey hits many at different times. And everyone is terrible in the beginning. Never-even-worn-skates-or-held-a-stick terrible. But it doesn’t matter. Every second you delay is just a second of fun you are missing.”

George Lightbody of Hanover, NH scores and raises his stick in victory... GOAL!

“We do not quit playing because we grow old. We grow old because we quit playing.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

***The next Learn-to-Skate, Learn-to-Play and Intermediate Hockey sessions at Campion Rink run from January 3 to March 28, 2013. Find out more and sign up online!

3 thoughts on “Adult Beginner Hockey: Just Do It!

  1. I’ve played hockey a lot, but this is my first time with Learn to Play and Intermediate Hockey at Campion Rink. What a great group of people, players and coaches. Hockey is the best game, and the best exercise. Everyone plays hard, and everyone is ultra welcoming and friendly. What could be better? I’ll definitely be back next year!


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