Rock Your New Year at the Dick Dodds Hockey Academy for Adults

I love hockey. I wish everyone had some activity they enjoyed even a fraction as much. In fact, I’ve just finished my 5th year of adult hockey classes at Campion Rink.

Commemorative Dick Dodds Hockey Academy apple pie.

Apple pie celebrating my completion of 5 years at the Dick Dodds Hockey Academy.

But it’s not just me. Lots of adults have learned to play.

Take, for instance, Ceci, a retired kindergarten teacher who began skating with the Dick Dodds Hockey Academy 6 1/2 years ago and who graciously agreed to the following interview:

CCM: How long have you been with the Learn-to-Play program at Campion Rink?

Ceci: “I retired from teaching after the 05-06 academic year so I must have started hockey the fall of ’06. I think Rick Sayles was already there…”

CCM: What do you love about playing hockey?

Ceci: “The fun. The interesting mix of players. Being wowed by Dick’s and Chris’ skills. The intense workout followed by chocolate soymilk, stretches and locker room conversations!”

CCM: What do you love about the Campion Learn-to-Play program with Coach Dodds?

Ceci: “Dick is so mild mannered with us learn-to-play adults that to me he’s pretty much the antithesis of one’s general idea of “Hockey.” His ability to convey his love of the game and his patience as a coach/teacher make learning from him totally fun.

My favorite thing about Dick is that regardless of your ability, level of skill/fitness or age he makes you feel like you can be successful on the ice. All you need is the desire to keep at it, find the open ice and be ready for that puck!”

CCM: What would you say to someone considering starting hockey later in life?

Ceci: “Unfortunately we have a finite number of years during which to be wildly active so I think it’s important to make it last.

While starting hockey at age 5, 20 or even 40 would be better, later works too. If you love to skate and love the game of hockey, surely nothing would be finer than learning how to play.

We all know that keeping in shape is a good way to prolong personal agility/strength/cardio fitness and for me hockey is the only thing I do with such joyful, active intensity. So, Yes, go for it while everything (mostly) still works!”

Retired kindergarten teacher, Ceci takes onretired fireman, Dave for the puck at Learn-to-Play Hockey at Campion Rink.

Ceci takes on Dave for the puck at Learn-to-Play Hockey at Campion Rink.

***The next Learn-to-Skate, Learn-to-Play and Intermediate Hockey sessions at Campion Rink run from January 3 to March 28, 2013. Find out more and sign up online!

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