It’s felted

I *love* Patti’s description of how she felted her own CCM felt hat (from a felt hat kit)… Super resourceful method for felting!

Knitting In Flashes

I cast on for my first CCM hat on Saturday, March 17 and finished the knitting on Wednesday, March 21.  I would have finished it sooner but I miscalculated my yarn amount and ran out of yarn.  By about a yard or so.  I ripped it back to the row before the decreases and all was well.

The yarn is a llama and wool blend and sheds like crazy!  We have a septic system and I was afraid it would clog things up so I decided  to felt it by hand with a 5-gallon bucket, hot water and new plunger.

I should have taken pictures but I did this in the bathtub Thursday evening.  It was unseasonably hot and I was working up a sweat.  The lighting was bad.  Trust me the pictures wouldn’t have been good.

I added about 4-5 inches of hot tap water to the bucket, threw in the hat…

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