Throwback Thursday: This Girl? Has NO Idea


This 17 year-old girl has NO idea how much hockey is in her future.

If she did, she might not spend such an extraordinary amount of time, effort & “product” on her hair: perming, moussing, blow-drying, curling & spraying.

Oof. Seriously?

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: This Girl? Has NO Idea

  1. Carrie (from Noie) your hair was BIG!!!! You look pretty now and then. The end. : )
    – love,


  2. Thank you, Noie!

    I spend a LOT less time on my hair these days & agree that it looks just fine.

    I wonder how much more skilled I might be at hockey if, instead of working on my hair (trying to get it to be something it was not!), I had used all that time in my teens to work instead on my shot, or stick-handling, or doing squats & burpees to get stronger & faster…?

    Ah, well. Live & learn!



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