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  1. Hi Carrie,
    It was great to meet and speak with you this week at the craft show in New Hampshire. Do you sell the pattern for your hat?
    Thanks and I hope to hear from you,


  2. Hi Carrie,
    I found your site through Luann Udell’s blog. I love the hats, and the way you’re showcasing them on your site. And the Virtual Reception idea is great; may have to try that myself sometime! I’m a papier mache artist, and I’ve recently done some helmets, because people wanted to “wear” my bowls! So I may be branching out into more “headgear” soon… Great links too! Thanks.


  3. Hi Carrie,

    Love your new website! Love your hats! Love your class and your chocolate chip cookies! The hats are beautiful, warm, comfortable, unique and all in all “special”. Thanks for sharing your expertise!



  4. Hi Carrie! John the Banjo Man here from The Longford Festival 🙂 Just had a look at your new Site and it looks great! I’m glad things are going well for you. Keep up the good work!
    All the best from Eire.. Slánte John.


  5. Greetings Carrie. Met you at the Westport Creative Arts Festival today and purchased your beautiful burgundy/mossy-top hat. Can’t wait to receive it after you sew in the ribbon and put your name on the hat. I will certainly wear it while skating and (hopefully) snow-shoeing with my friend Nancy (who was with me today helping to “sell your hats”) You are absolutely terrific and your hats reflect your skills. I loved reading your testimonial to your mother…I, too learned to knit from my mother. It is a wonderful gift that has been passed along. Best wishes for the holiday season.


  6. My beautiful hat arrived yesterday with the satin ribbon and your name inside. Again I am SO impressed with your work-womanship and quality. In fact, my daughter, Kathryn, nearly confiscated my hat…declaring it extraordinary!!!! I did put a stop to that. Many thanks again for your beautiful, extraordinary work. Merry Christmas!


  7. Diane: I do sell my pattern, as a kit for $45, which includes shipping.

    Melissa: Isn’t Luann’s blog great?

    Harriet: It was great having you in my first-ever class! Thanks for the positive feedback.

    John: Aaaah, Ireland! How we long to return… Thanks for the visit, and keep on with that banjo!

    Kim: Thank you! For pricing and more on what goes into each hat, please see the About section.

    Susan: It was lovely to meet you in Westport. Thanks so much for the kind words, and for letting me know your hat arrived safely.

    Please do let your daughter, Kathryn, know that January-June is the best time to place a custom order, as things are less crazy for me during the first half of the year.

    Bless the mom’s out there everywhere who take the time to pass on handwork skills, even to their tomboy daughters!


  8. Carrie, I love your hats and have just restarted knitting after a very long break. I too was taught to knit by my mother and I have taught my daughter. The hats are awesome!! How do I order a kit?? Do you ship to Canada?? Do you ever do any workshops north of the 49th parallel?? I look forward to hearing from you.
    a fellow knitter – elizabeth


  9. Elizabeth,

    Thanks so much! Yes, I can ship to Canada (will need to add just a bit more for shipping). I have not yet taught any classes in the far north, but would definitely consider it…

    Best way to order a kit is to contact me directly with your color choices… I don’t trust the variations in monitors to post colors on this site!


  10. Carrie,
    Hello, I have met ou a few times when I worked at the Currier on Hanover street., I wanted to get your permission to link to yur website.
    I can’t wait to see your new hats at Sunapee.
    You are going??
    Michelle Johnson


  11. Hi Michelle,

    So nice of you to ask… YES! I am definitely going to Sunapee again this year. It will be the 75th Fair for the League of NH Craftsmen, and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

    And, YES! You certainly have permission to link to this site… I surely appreciate it!


  12. Hey Carrie!

    I was just looking to store my hats properly for the non-winter seasons. Any suggestions? Should they be stored so they can retain their shape? With cedar blocks to keep out moths? Those kinds of things.



  13. Hey Ellen!

    Well, I generally keep my hats out all the time, hanging on the pegboard. You’d probably not want them squashed in a box for long periods, so yes, do try to keep their shape, wherever you store them. Cedar couldn’t hurt, if you have it.


  14. HiCarrie

    I met you at the fair yesterday and was so inspired by your hats!!!! I just started knitting and have been felting purses for gifts. I see you offer classes which I would love to take but I live in NJ. Could I buy the pattern?



  15. Hi Nancy!

    Great to meet you… thanks for finding my site online, too!

    Certainly you can purchase the pattern, which I sell with enough yarn for one hat — $45 total, which includes shipping in the US.

    Feel free to email me at ccmhats AT gmail DOT com with your color choices and we can go from there…



    • Hi Carrie! I was wondering if you offered classes and if you do, then when are they. I would love to learn from you as your hats are beautiful and amazing. Thank you!


      • Thanks Katie! So nice to hear from you…

        Although I’ve led a class each fall and winter for the past couple years, I’m taking a break from teaching classes this year.

        However, I do still sell hat kits, which you could complete in the comfort of your own home. The cost is US$45 (includes shipping), or $65 for two hats worth of yarn, plus pattern and felting instructions.

        Thanks again for the positive feedback, Katie, and let me know if I can hook you up with a kit sometime…


  16. Hello Dawn,

    Thanks so much for finding my website and leaving a comment!

    You can get a kit from me which includes knitting & felting instructions, enough yarn for one hat, and a length of satin ribbon to finish the hat inside.

    Embroidery instructions are not included.

    Kits cost $45, shipping included. You could buy yarn for a 2nd hat for $20 extra.

    To choose colors, folks usually browse my “Styles” pages to get some ideas and then email their top choices to me…

    I’d love to get a kit to you! Winter’s coming… 😉


  17. Hi Carrie, After looking at and trying on your hats for many years (League of NH Craftsman’s Fair) I treated myself as a 50th b’day gift to myself. I LOVE my hat! It is the warmest most comfortable hat I’ve ever owned. As a sinus sufferer who can’t stand to have a cold head my hat has become my best winter friend! Happy New Year! Nancy


    • Hi Nancy,

      Thanks so much for letting me know how much you love your hat! It tickles me to imagine your hat as your “best winter friend”! I couldn’t hope for higher praise, or a nicer compliment.

      Thank you!


  18. Hi Carrie,
    I would love to order a kit – do you prefer email or phone requests? You’ve led an amazing life? Are you a fire sign? Your hats are AMAZING! You’re so intrepid a person I imagine you’re fairly self-taught. Was sorry to read about your mother’s passing and how difficult that is for you. My mother passed 8 years ago and I’m still struggling with some unfinished issues – I hang onto the great memories. May 2009 be all that you wish for!


  19. Hi Carrie!

    We just watched your interview. You were great, what a treat to “see” you again. As always, we all are inspired by your work and you being you in the world. Love, Jenn, Sam, & Tess


  20. Hi Carrie,

    I enjoy looking at your hats. The mandala is a beautiful way to use color and texture. I used to be a handweaver before I became a fine artist/painter. I did the craft circuit for 20 years selling handwoven clothing. I am also a spinner and grew my own dyestuffs for a while. People often ask me how I could give up weaving to draw/paint bugs……. it is simple. I am attracted to color, texture and pattern…… Try looking at butterfly wings and other insects for color combinations and textures. The possibilities are endless!


  21. Oooh, Mindy! I’d love to see some of your fiber art sometime… maybe a blog post/series about “past lives”? I’d love to pick your brain about your experiences on the craft circuit… any favorites?

    I do spend a lot of time looking close at plants and bugs and snow and sand and such… I bet you’d love my photo of a parasitized tomato hornworm… creepily fascinating!


  22. Hi Carrie, Love looking at your website. These hats are wonderful! Do you sell kits and instructions? Please advise. I love to knit hats and felt them as well. These are mainly for my personal use and for friends.


    • Hello Carolyn!
      Thanks so much for checking out my website and leaving a comment!

      You can get a kit from me which includes knitting & felting instructions, enough yarn for one hat, and a length of satin ribbon for the inner band.
      Embroidery instructions are not included.

      Kits cost $45, domestic shipping included. Yarn for additional hats is $20 each.

      To choose colors, folks usually browse my “Styles” page to get some ideas and then email their top choices to me…

      Let me know if I can hook you up with a kit! 🙂


  23. Hi,
    I see your name listed on this years NH Open Doors but nothing about it on your site so I was wondering if you are going to be open today and tomorrow.

    I am very interested in purchasing a hat kit from you !

    Thank you!

    Cathy Jo


  24. I would like to purchase one of your designer hats. How do I go about buying one? I live in San Francisco Bay Area, ski Tahoe. Thank you.


    • Hi Sara Jean,

      Because all of my hats each turn out a slightly different size, ordering online can be tricky, but I have had good luck in the past with open-minded folks.

      Generally, we can start with a head measurement in inches, and perhaps a favorite color, and I can then see what I have in the studio that would be a good match. I can then email you some photos of possible hat choices, and we can go from there.

      Thanks for asking! These hats would be great in both San Francisco AND Tahoe… great in all kinds of wet/cold weather! 🙂


  25. hey carrie .. just checking out yer site to see your beautiful stuff. i am now living in ontario and slowly making my way to the east coast. may be heading to washington to visit friends so hoping to figure a round about way to get out to see you and andy also. by and by both my sister and my niece love the hats. angi never leaves the house without hers on. -21 the other day and she swears the only thing warm is her head. she wants socks to match. cheer and big hugs


    • Oh my gosh, Trash! You are so much closer now! PLEASE come visit!! It’s been waaaaay too long…

      I’m delighted your sister & niece use & enjoy their hats… it’s wonderful to think I can help someone enjoy winter just a bit more with some color & warmth… thanks!



  26. Help Carrie!
    I’m on my 4th hat with no previous problems til now. I was sure my work wasn’t twisted when I put it away on Monday but today as I started it was. I tried to untwist it by turning a needle end in, even put it into 4 double-pointed to try to straighten it out. No luck. Do I have to rip it out or can I save it? Thanks, Carrie. If it would help to talk I’m at 603-659-5141.
    Susan Tanguay


  27. Hi Carrie,
    Thanks for popping onto our Labrador forum and answering our fiber questions. I’ve seen your lovely hats at The League in North Conway. They are lovely!


    • Hi Darcy,

      Thanks for visiting my site, and for letting me know where you found my hats (isn’t that League gallery fantastic?)!

      Let me know if I can ever help you find your perfect hat, or hook you up with a kit to make your own!



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  32. Carrie, Found out about you at your booth at the Craftsmen’s Fair in Sunapee. Would like to purchase a hat for my wife. Please contact me when you have a moment.

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    • Well hello, Katya! So great to hear from you. Thanks for looking me up! With the current pandemic, I have actually paused hat production and switched to making fabric masks for my community, and am truly enjoying it. It’s amazing how quickly they work up using a sewing machine, as opposed to all the hand-sewing I am used to!

      Be safe & stay well–Carrie


  33. Hello – I just love your hats!!! I bough one last year and it looks amazing.
    I was up in Woodstock this past weekend and saw your amazing face masks . The teals and green and blue were so rich in color and I just loved those too. Unfortunately I have a very small face and only saw medium sizeS at the store. Would you have small ones available on via your site?

    Thank so much,
    Robin Pettini


  34. Hi Carrie, I first saw your hats when visiting Woodstock a couple of summers ago and loved them I’m back in Woodstock now, visiting from Maine, and was wondering if a visit to your studio might be possible this Friday, the 29th, afternoon. Please let me know. Thanks! Jayne


    • Hi Jayne, thanks so much for the kind words & for getting in touch! I am now a regular member of the Collective gallery in Woodstock, so you can find the best collection of my finished hats there (11am-4pm). Additionally, I have lots of hats in progress here at my home studio, which you’re welcome to visit… I will be home after 3pm this Friday, just let me know if you’re headed this way so I can be ready for you!



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