Louisa’s Embroidered Felt Hat

One of my hockey buddies, Louisa, visited my booth at the League of New Hampshire Craftmen’s Annual Fair two summers ago.

My felt hat booth in Tent 7 at the 2011 League of NH Craftsmen's Fair at Mt. Sunapee.

She’s been so supportive of me at the rink, and was equally enthusiastic about my work.

Louisa immediately fell in love with the absolute fanciest hat in the booth, and when she tried it on, it fit perfectly!

However, for most folks, my hats are not impulse purchases.

Louisa's chose mossy-green & rust with full embroidery for her custom felt hat.

It took nearly 2 years of thinking about it before Louisa decided to treat herself.

We found a hat that fit her just right, and she gave me license to embroider it as I chose.

She definitely wanted the works, though: all-around freehand embroidery with hand-cut antler buttons.

My husband, Andy, hand-cuts all the antler buttons I use in my embroidery designs.

I asked Louisa what she would tell others considering a hat. She replied without hesitation:

“My hat is beautiful, warm, comfortable & practical. It’s a work of art. Best of all, it makes me smile every time I put it on! How many things do you own that make you that happy? My hat is just ‘so me.’ I love it!”

Thank you, Louisa, for all your encouragement, and for helping support my hockey habit!

New Ribbon Embroidery with Antler Button & Seed Beads

Tiny glass seed beads embellish this freehand ribbon embroidery on felt.

Tiny glass seed beads embellish this freehand ribbon embroidery on felt.

The 77th Annual League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair runs August 7-15, 2010. That means I have 2 more months to embroider the 100+ felt hats I’ve made this winter.

One of my latest designs is this lovely pink flower embroidery, featuring a hand-cut caribou antler button with glass seed beads.

Simple & sweet. I can’t wait to see who scoops up this one…