Of Bike Wrecks and Gift Certificates

Last Thursday, my Hubba Hubby crashed his bicycle in a serious wreck. He broke his wrist and his collar bone in two three places.

But not his skull. Nor his neck. And for that, we’re very, very thankful.

He’ll be sidelined from his cabinetmaker job for 4-8 weeks 2-3 months 5-6 months, which is going to be difficult for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that Andy’s not a very patient patient.

Luckily, we don’t see a lot of movies in general, so he’s got a long list of DVDs to rent.

Andy's final project at the Silva Bay Shipyard School, a cherry wood Shaker-style cabinet.

Andy’s final project at the Silva Bay Shipyard School: a cherry Shaker-style cabinet.

I’m sharing this with you now because I could really use your help.

If you’ve ever wanted to purchase one of my felt hats, but were waiting for the right moment, I couldn’t imagine a better time than now.

Andy carefully applies real leaves to the form for our concrete counter top.

Andy carefully applies real leaves to the form he built for our concrete counter top.

I’m still building up inventory in advance of my big crafts fair in August, but maybe you’d consider purchasing a gift certificate for yourself or someone you love?

Or maybe you got a tax refund this year and maybe it’s a hat kit you’d like?

Whatever the case, just know that your purchase now will make a world of difference to me and my Sweet Man.

Andy is happy with the installation of his 1st-ever concrete counter top.

Andy, happy to have his cherry cabinets topped with the concrete counter top he made.

And if you have any movie recommendations, we’d be grateful for those, too…