From Heather Halpern’s Sketchbook: My Hannah Kearney Tribute Coif

I have a childhood friend who happens to be an AMAZING artist, who happens to be participating in the 2012 Sketchbook Project, who happened to sketch the Hannah Kearney Tribute Coif I wore skiing on my last visit to The Balsams:

My "Hannah Kearney Tribute Coif" sketched by Heather Halpern.

I’m stunned by the photo-realism of Heather’s work! Look how she captured the nubby texture of my felt hat above, and also of her lovely daughter’s hat… AMAZING!

See more of Heather’s 2012 Sketchbook, and let her know what you think… Heather has only recently begun to share her work publicly. Please tell her: we want more!