New! CCM Felt Hat for Men

After several requests, I’m happy to introduce:

Hanover High School Boy's Hockey Coach, Dick Dodds and the first-ever CCM felt toque.

My 1st-ever felted beanie-type hat, designed with your Favorite Guy in mind!

Hockey demands warmth, comfort and style for all it's gear, especially hats.

Coach Dodds and the 1st-ever CCM felt beanie.

Upon seeing this felt hat for men, my own Sweet Man assured me I’d hit a homerun with the new design. He immediately requested his own, in brown.

Andy needed his own felt hat, in earth-tones.

Happiness is a comfy, warm felt hat in the middle of winter.

I’m planning on knitting up a dozen-ish of these new men’s felt hats for the 2012 Sunapee Fair. Let me know if your Favorite Guy has favorite colors

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