Interview With Legendary NH Hockey Coach, Dick Dodds

In honor of completing my 5th year of hockey class today, an interview with my Coach:

Hockey puck commemorating Coach Dick Dodds' recognition as a New Hampshire Legend of Hockey on October 28, 2012.

Dick Dodds was recognized as a Legend of New Hampshire Hockey on October 28, 2012.

CCM: You’ve recently been inducted into the NH Hockey Hall of Fame for your 30+ successful years coaching the Hanover High Boys Hockey program. Isn’t coaching adults hopeless by comparison?

Coach Dodds: “Oh, good god, no! Hockey is incredibly popular with adults. You might want to double check the stats, but I think adult beginner is the fastest growing segment of the US hockey population.”

CCM: How long have you coached the adult Learn-to-Play program at Campion Rink?

Coach Dodds: “Oh, 9 or 10 years? I still remember the names of the first players…”

CCM: What made you decide to start a beginner hockey program for adults?

Coach Dodds: “The demand was already there to start a program. Hockey is so much fun and it’s a fantastic workout. I just wanted to continue to spread passion for the sport.”

Coach Dick Dodds explains an on-ice hockey drill for the Learn-to-Play group at Campion Rink, NH

Learn-to-Play Hockey classes at Campion Rink are popular with a wide range of adults.

CCM: What would you say to an adult who’s considering hockey, but still unsure?

Coach Dodds:GO FOR IT! …But do it the right way. You do need a certain level of skating proficiency. Don’t come to the Intermediate class if you’re still learning to skate. Check out one of our Learn-to-skate*** programs first.”

CCM: What do you love most about playing hockey?

Coach Dodds: “I love the speed of the game and the sounds of the game… a crisp pass going tape to tape… the clang of the crossbar…”

CCM: What do you love most about coaching hockey?

Coach Dodds: “Too many joys to limit it to one: Putting together a good practice plan…watching as concepts click in a player’s mind…watching as players develop.”

Coach Dodds explains an on-ice hockey drill for the adult Learn-to-Play group.

Coaches Dodds & Pollard share their love of hockey with beginners in the Upper Valley.

***The next Learn-to-Skate, Learn-to-Play and Intermediate Hockey sessions at Campion Rink run from January 3 to March 28, 2013. Find out more and sign up online!

New! CCM Felt Hat for Men

After several requests, I’m happy to introduce:

Hanover High School Boy's Hockey Coach, Dick Dodds and the first-ever CCM felt toque.

My 1st-ever felted beanie-type hat, designed with your Favorite Guy in mind!

Hockey demands warmth, comfort and style for all it's gear, especially hats.

Coach Dodds and the 1st-ever CCM felt beanie.

Upon seeing this felt hat for men, my own Sweet Man assured me I’d hit a homerun with the new design. He immediately requested his own, in brown.

Andy needed his own felt hat, in earth-tones.

Happiness is a comfy, warm felt hat in the middle of winter.

I’m planning on knitting up a dozen-ish of these new men’s felt hats for the 2012 Sunapee Fair. Let me know if your Favorite Guy has favorite colors