My 2nd Dragonfly Embroidery

If you missed the recent green overhaul of my “Styles” page, then you wouldn’t have seen my newest dragonfly felt hat:

Felt Hat #8 of 2012 features my 2nd ever dragonfly embroidery.

I loved the complementary colors of the 1st dragonfly embroidery I made for Katie – blue-green embroidery on red felt – but didn’t want to copy it exactly. That’s Katie’s hat.

So I tried the inverse color scheme – red embroidery on green felt. I’m delighted with it!

My latest dragonfly embroidery features red ribbon wings & sunstone & agate beads.

The amazing thing about dragonflies (which I learned while gathering inspiration for the initial project), is that they come in such a wide range of colors.

I anticipate a variety of colorful dragonfly embroideries coming soon… Stay tuned!

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