My Hanoverian Horse Felt Hat

Once, when I was the Visiting Artisan at The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel, I got a special request to embroider a Hanoverian symbol on one of my felt hats.

I was unfamiliar with Hanoverians, but found the symbol online and did my best.

Freehand embroidered Hanoverian Horse symbol on felt hat #10 of 2008.

I can get nervous attempting a new design, especially one conceived by someone else.

Embroidering other people’s ideas can feel more like homework, instead of play, which is how needlework usually feels for me.

Play = fun. Homework = work. Who doesn’t prefer play?

I worked this Hanoverian Horse symbol freehand, as I do all my felt hat embroideries.

In the end, I was quite pleased with the results. Especially because I didn’t have to rip it out (much). It just came together, despite my initial misgivings.

And the customer was delighted! It was win-win, for sure. Nothing to fret about.

What about you? What are your emotions as you work on new projects or designs?

2 thoughts on “My Hanoverian Horse Felt Hat

  1. If I’m unsure about the project, I get really intimidated and anxious. At times like that, I NEED plenty of feedback so that I know I’m on the right track.
    I’m so glad your customer loved that awesome embroidery!


    • Thanks, Somer!

      I often wonder why I get worked up before starting something new… It’s not like I haven’t embroidered hundreds and hundreds of hats by now. So why the nerves?

      Just proves that simply beginning is half the battle. Being willing to be imperfect is another big part of it… Sometimes it’s hard to get out the way of my own, perfectionist ego.

      Turns out, NO ONE looks at my work as critically as I do. That’s a good reminder, in and of itself, right? 😀


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