Icy Seafoam Mandala Bound For Newfoundland

Most of the hats I make end up here in New England and the Northeast (although occasionally one finds a home in the Pacific Northwest or Alaska).

Last week, I shipped off my first hat ever to Newfoundland:

Freehand embroidery of French knots on icy sea foam felt hat by fiber artist, Carrie Cahill Mulligan of Canaan, New Hampshire.

Embroidered felt hat #82 of 2012.

Detail of freehand French knot embroidery on felt hat #82 of 2012

Detail of freehand wool embroidery on felt.

Detail of freehand French knot embroidery on felt hat #82 of 2012

French knots and split stitch make up the embroidered mandala design.

I’m delighted to have my work tested in the raw, wet winters of Newfoundland, and I love that the colors of this particular hat echo those of icebergs born of the North Atlantic. Seems particularly fitting!

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