Icy Seafoam Mandala Bound For Newfoundland

Most of the hats I make end up here in New England and the Northeast (although occasionally one finds a home in the Pacific Northwest or Alaska).

Last week, I shipped off my first hat ever to Newfoundland:

Freehand embroidery of French knots on icy sea foam felt hat by fiber artist, Carrie Cahill Mulligan of Canaan, New Hampshire.

Embroidered felt hat #82 of 2012.

Detail of freehand French knot embroidery on felt hat #82 of 2012

Detail of freehand wool embroidery on felt.

Detail of freehand French knot embroidery on felt hat #82 of 2012

French knots and split stitch make up the embroidered mandala design.

I’m delighted to have my work tested in the raw, wet winters of Newfoundland, and I love that the colors of this particular hat echo those of icebergs born of the North Atlantic. Seems particularly fitting!

Gayle’s Custom Dragonfly Hat

I shy away from most custom orders.  Felting is unpredictable.  It’s tricky to shrink a knitted hat to the right size for a specific head.

However, if the person is easy-going, not in a hurry and willing to risk shipping hats back & forth, I’m happy to try a special request.

Gayle was just that sort of person!

Yarn color combinations for a custom felt hat request.

Gayle’s custom hat color combinations, with possible embroidery yarns, side-by-side

Gayle knew she wanted a dragonfly hat, probably in purple. She chose several yarn colors which I photographed, along with various embroidery ribbons, so she could choose her favorite.

Colors selected, I set about knitting, felting, lining & embroidering Gayle’s hat.

Carrie Cahill Mulligan's knitted felt hat #20 of 2012, purple with turquoise dragonfly ribbon embroidery.

Gayle’s custom felt hat with dragonfly ribbon embroidery.

Generally, I gravitate to tone-on-tone designs, so I suggested some purple-y ribbons for the dragonfly embroidery. Gayle really wanted the dragonfly to “pop” though, so we went with her first choice, turquoise.

Embroidery Detail of CCM Felt Hat #20 of 2012 - ribbon dragonfly with turquoise & jade gemstones.

Turquoise and jade gemstone beads are the focal point of this dragonfly embroidery.

I’m so glad we did! I love how this hat turned out. Gayle deserves all the credit.

Have you ever helped create a custom design? Did you enjoy the process? The results? I’d love to know your experience…

A Tale of Two Hats – Beth’s Story

One of the joys of making my felt hats is meeting the wonderful folks who wear them.

Through the years, I have been blessed by return customers who purchase additional hats, either for themselves or as gifts.

Today, I’d like you to meet Beth, who has been particularly supportive of my work.

Beth in the Snow in her 1st CCM felt hat

Beth in her 1st CCM felt hat, cozy despite the snow.

“I was (am) drawn to Carrie’s hats by the yummy colors and gorgeous embroidery.
It was so hard to pick from all the beautiful choices.

I love that each one is handmade from start to finish, and the craftsmanship is exquisite.

When I wear my hat(s), I have no worries about wind, rain, snow or cold. My ears and head are warm, dry and comfy.

Be prepared to receive lots of compliments when you wear these works of art. I agree with Louisa: wearing a CCM felt hat is like putting on an infusion of happiness.”

Beth's Iris Mandala Felt Hat

Beth, cozy in her 2nd felt hat, with French-knot Mandala embroidery.

Thank you, Beth!

Your head is sacred. I’m delighted you choose to wear a CCM felt hat (or two)!