Hockey Words of Wisdom

Lots of you know that I’m a hockey addict. For 2/3 of the year, you can find me at the local rink nearly every day of the week (I rest on Saturdays).

How is that possible? Well, there’s learn-to-play class twice a week. There’s open stick (pick-up) hockey 3 days a week. And don’t forget game night for the Campion Hockey League on Sunday nights.

Carrie Cahill Mulligan skates hard after the puck in a Campion Hockey League game, Lebanon, New Hampshire, 2011.

In hot pursuit of the puck during a Campion Hockey League Game, 2011.

So, that’s 6 days of hockey each and every week… during the regular season.

During the final weeks of the season, much like a bear gearing up for hibernation, I consume as much ice time as my body (and marriage) can withstand.

Carrie Cahill Mulligan winning the face-off during a women's hockey tournament in Stowe, Vermont, 2012.

Winning the face-off during a women’s hockey tournament in Stowe, Vermont, 2012.

This year, I played in both the women’s and the men’s Spring Mud League, and had 3 separate tournaments scheduled (2 women’s tourneys plus my first co-ed one).

Women's ice hockey team, Stateline White, after their last game of the 2012 season.

About 2/3 of my 2012 women’s Mud League hockey team, Stateline White.

The 2012 Men's Mudleague expansion hockey team, the Pirates.

The 2012 men’s Mud League expansion hockey team, the Pirates.

Turns out though, I ended up missing the final tournament due to my husband’s bicycle accident and clavicle surgery.

Don’t get me wrong. I hold no grudge against my Sweet Man, who has been nothing but supportive of my crazy hockey habit.

Being home to care for him in his need was something I was happy to do. I’m grateful to be his bride, and to be the one to nurse him.

Carrie & Andy Mulligan with Cinder-Dog, April 2012

Happy together, in sickness and in health.

Still, I did feel a twinge of regret that I couldn’t be in 2 places at once. I wrote my team captain, Kara, explaining the situation, and couldn’t resist adding a sort of hockey pep-talk, in lieu of being part of the tournament team.

Imagine my delight when Kara sent the team this note, along with the fantastic motivational hockey poster she made from my advice:

“Carrie needs to bow out of the tourney, but she sent me some thoughts to
channel the “Carrie Mental Edge” over the other teams…so she’ll be with us in spirit.
And if we really want to outlast our opponents, don’t forget your chocolate milk!”

Remember to keep your FOCUS on those things you can CONTROL: Be FEISTY early · keep your FEET MOVING · make GOOD PASSES · keep SHIFTS SHORT · put SHOTS on net · COMMUNICATE on the ice · stay POSITIVE · be SUPPORTIVE on the bench · ENJOY the moment BLOCK OUT: What the other players do · calls the refs miss · bad game times · getting a goal RIGHT NOW · the final outcome of the game

(All of this I learned from my coach, Dick Dodds, arguably one of the best hockey coaches New Hampshire has ever seen.)

So much love! I couldn’t have been more pleased to remain a part of my tournament team, if only in spirit.

And my team? They WON their division… in quadruple overtime!

7 thoughts on “Hockey Words of Wisdom

  1. Carrie, I have your “words of wisdom” posted on the wall above my desk @ work! I put it up there before the Champlain Shoot-out to motivate me (it worked! I’d like to think it inspired me to score the tournament-winning goal in the 4th OT of the Championship Game), and have kept it up because these words transcend hockey to the rest of my life. Hope to play with you again soon!


    • Erika, that’s tremendous!! That totally makes my day!

      I agree. Hockey mirrors life. It’s good to focus on those things within our own control. And communicate. And be supportive. And stay positive!

      Congrats on the game-winning goal! 😀

      Only 18 weeks until the ice goes back in at Campion Rink… It’ll be great to skate with you again.


  2. Also, I did drink my Strafford Farms chocolate milk (the best!) between games on Saturday. And scored in them both. It works!


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