My Hanoverian Horse Felt Hat

Once, when I was the Visiting Artisan at The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel, I got a special request to embroider a Hanoverian symbol on one of my felt hats.

I was unfamiliar with Hanoverians, but found the symbol online and did my best.

Freehand embroidered Hanoverian Horse symbol on felt hat #10 of 2008.

I can get nervous attempting a new design, especially one conceived by someone else.

Embroidering other people’s ideas can feel more like homework, instead of play, which is how needlework usually feels for me.

Play = fun. Homework = work. Who doesn’t prefer play?

I worked this Hanoverian Horse symbol freehand, as I do all my felt hat embroideries.

In the end, I was quite pleased with the results. Especially because I didn’t have to rip it out (much). It just came together, despite my initial misgivings.

And the customer was delighted! It was win-win, for sure. Nothing to fret about.

What about you? What are your emotions as you work on new projects or designs?