17 Days of Green – My 2nd Embroidered Felt Hat

Another participant in the 17 Days of Green recently noted:

“One of the great things about the color green is that it has such a range and depth. It can be cool and bright, fresh and happy, or earthy and mossy. I usually tend to gravitate towards the mossy…”

The Merry Wife of Canon

A woman after my own heart!

My moss-green embroidered felt hat keeps me toasty in any weather.

Pumpkin Harvest, September 2008.

A hat that goes from garden to gala with ease.

Andy, me & my big brother, Jeff - Pemaquid Point, Maine, Christmas 2008.

Embroidering a moss-green hat during my 1st-ever radio interview. (Green wool Ibex vest.)

Skating with The HoopStar at Thompson Arena, October 2010.

Me & my Mom at Thompson Arena, October 2007.

Seeing this photo of me & my Mom, I can’t help but notice her eyes are the exact same shade as my hat.

Hmmm… Maybe that’s why I love moss green.