NH Open Doors 2013

After weeks of unseasonably warm temperatures, the weather over the past weekend finally turned towards autumn just in time for the statewide 2013 NH Open Doors event.

Felt hat maker, Carrie Cahill Mulligan's house in Canaan, New Hampshire, ready for the 2013 NH Open Doors event.

Custom felt hats available at 693 Canaan Street, Canaan, NH 03741.

This year, I had a real mix of visitors: friends, neighbors (a few whom I’d never met!), some in-state folks finally cashing in a holiday gift certificate, and several intrepid travelers from out-of-state, too.

I love having people over to my hat studio. There’s something wonderful about sharing where my hats are made. And folks love seeing all the different types & colors of yarn in their natural setting.

Thanks so much to everyone who managed a visit. If you couldn’t make it this past weekend, you can always contact me to arrange your own personal road trip to Canaan.

Up, Up Deep Purple!

Tonight, my bottom-of-the-league hockey team, Deep Purple, has a round one playoff game versus the top team, the Red Devils.

Carrie Cahill Mulligan skates with team Deep Purple in the 2012 Campion Hockey League, near Hanover, NH.

Trying to get lower — hockey skating requires single leg strength & stability.

This is my 3rd winter playing in the CHL (Campion Hockey League), and I won’t lie. With our 1-19-1 record, it’s been a character-building year.

We’re an expansion team, made up entirely of folks who’d never played together before. Ever. Some players had only a year or 2 experience as adult beginners before signing up.

There were some ugly losses early on. Ugly.

Carrie Cahill Mulligan of team Deep Purple squares off against Rob Callow of the Screaming Eagles, Campion Hockey League (CHL), Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Keep your head up to read the play & try to anticipate your opponent’s moves.

But, as the season progressed, so did we. Games got much closer as players got more confident and put more pucks on net.

Hockey is a funny game. Sometimes you get a lucky bounce. Hard work can beat talent, if talent doesn’t work hard.

Carrie Cahill Mulligan of team Deep Purple rushes the net to support the puck in the 2013 Campion Hockey League, near Hanover, New Hampshire.

Rushing the net without the puck supports the play and helps generate secondary scoring chances. (Keep your stick on the ice, though.)

Would I bet money on my #8 team tonight? Maybe not.

But I wouldn’t bet against us, either. You just never know. Hockey is a funny game.