New! CCM Felt Hat for Men

After several requests, I’m happy to introduce:

Hanover High School Boy's Hockey Coach, Dick Dodds and the first-ever CCM felt toque.

My 1st-ever felted beanie-type hat, designed with your Favorite Guy in mind!

Hockey demands warmth, comfort and style for all it's gear, especially hats.

Coach Dodds and the 1st-ever CCM felt beanie.

Upon seeing this felt hat for men, my own Sweet Man assured me I’d hit a homerun with the new design. He immediately requested his own, in brown.

Andy needed his own felt hat, in earth-tones.

Happiness is a comfy, warm felt hat in the middle of winter.

I’m planning on knitting up a dozen-ish of these new men’s felt hats for the 2012 Sunapee Fair. Let me know if your Favorite Guy has favorite colors

Radio Tour of the League’s New Home for NH Crafts

I’ll admit it.

As much as I’m a hockey addict, I’m also a public radio junkie.

This hand-crafted NHPR membership mug from 2007 is right at home in my hat studio.

Today, I found myself in the rink parking lot, having a “driveway moment.” I was enthralled by a story about the new headquarters for the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen in Concord, NH.

There will be a Grand Opening reception tomorrow, October 26, 2011, from 3pm – 8pm, which I’m hoping to attend. See you there?

Thank you, Virginia Prescott (of NHPR’s Word of Mouth) for the “moment”!